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CRFor 300Amp 24-48V 0-5K E-Z-Go. Matches Curtis 1204 footprint & size. Programmable interface, Fault tolerant control inputs. Epoxy potted/Waterproof, Calibration software included with purchase Programming Functions: Throttle ramp programming, Throttle response rate, Plug brake on/off, plug brake current, High pedal disable on/off Battery over/under voltage cutback, Maximum output current. Specifications: Operating Frequency: 18KhzThrottle Input: 0-5K ohms, 5-0K ohms, 0-5 volts, and ITS (inductive throttle sensor). Key Input Voltage: 8 volts to 1.5 times max battery volts. Quiescent Voltage: less than 75mA. Thermal Cutback: begins at 75C, 95C shutdown. Programming Interface: RS232 serial to host PC running freeware Windows interface. Current Limit: 300 amps, 30 second rating: 300 amps, 2 minute rating: 300 amps, 5 minute rating: 2

Item #: 50300
Manufacturer   OEM #
CURTIS   1204-009
CURTIS   1204-015
CURTIS   1204-022
CURTIS   1204-022
CURTIS   1204-026
CURTIS   1204-104
CURTIS   1204-406
CURTIS   1204-408
CURTIS   1204-506
FOREPAR   6-250B-2

Sale Price $ 699.51




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